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Janet Reid
Rachelle Gardner

Books I Love


Jean Johnson, Coach I've been working with Jean for over ten years to grow first my theatre company, then my small circus, and now my writer-self. She's a fabulous coach, and I highly recommend her if you are seeking guidance for growth and change.

Penelope Trunk Often controversial and always insightful, Penelope writes about life and career in a blunt and unexpected way.

R. Mordant Mahon Coach, author and motivational speaker, R. Mordant Mahon hosts a weekly live podcast. I've been a guest several times, and he's always thought-provoking!

The Real LJ Idol A year-long online writing contest, The Real LJ Idol kept me writing for a year. A new topic is assigned weekly; halfway through the contest there's a "Second Chance" sign-up, if you missed the Fall 2012 start.

Good Writing

Brevity's Nonfiction blog
Essay Daily
McSweeney's Internet Tendency
Opinionator (NY Times Blogs)
The Bloggess
The Rumpus

Inspirational Images

Bertil Nilsson
c.c. o'hanlon
In Memory of the Late Mr. and Mrs. Comfort
Move Like You Want

Recommended Books on Writing

Recommended Books on Writing

The Query Process

Query Shark
Slushpile Hell

The Writing Life

Betsy Lerner (on hiatus, good archives)
By Ken Levine
Grub Street
Nathan Bransford
Neil Gaiman's Journal
Penelope Trunk
The Intern
The Red Pen of Doom
The Rejectionist
The Review Review