Allison K Williams


Feeling uninspired, or without purpose in your creative work? Need more artistic drive?

A relationship with a muse creates inspirational moments and creative space in your life. The muse-artist relationship is spontaneous rather than prescriptive, and can include travel and experiences, conversations and meetings, mutual sharing of artistic projects, and creative and emotional response to your work.

- nudges
- inspiration (exercises, thoughts, things to read, things to do)
- feedback (not heavy-duty editorial, but noticing where you're going and asking questions)
- someone to bounce ideas off of
- someone to tell you you're not crazy or stupid to want what you want, but still challenge you to try new paths and figure out what you want to do and how to start

A coach prescribes tools that help you work. A muse helps you burn with the desire to do it.

Muse services are recompensed through gifts rather than fees.

Please contact Allison for more information.

Too weird for you? Maybe just think/write about these questions -

- What's your process right now? What do you hate about it? What's worth salvaging?

- What do you want your artist's life to look and feel like?

- What's going to get you excited again?

- What's the goal? Publication/performance, regular practice of your art, gaining readers/audience, feeling confident in your work, etc?

- Why is your chosen art form the best way to reach the goal?