Allison K Williams


As a storyteller and performance poet, Allison has performed at London's Theatre Royal, Bang Said the Gun, The Dial Up, and Rich Mix.

In India she has appeared at The Kautilya Society at Filocafe in Varanasi and worked with Writers' Wing in Mumbai.

Allison has told stories on CBC's Definitely Not The Opera and Intersections, and is a two-time winner of The Moth StorySLAM.


Scroll down for audio files of spoken word and storytelling pieces hosted on this website.

Allison speaks about becoming a full-time writer in Dubai on The Newbie Writers Podcast. Pre-chat around 11:30, interview starts around 17:30, writing talk around 25:30.

Courtesies in The Drum Literary Magazine.

Snake in The Drum Literary Magazine.

What Was the Moment You Saw Your Parents in a New Light? on CBC Radio’s Definitely Not The Opera. Allison’s at 52:05.

How Did Changing Your Clothes Change You? on CBC Radio’s Definitely Not The Opera. Allison’s about 12 minutes in.

Ethnic Humor on CBC Radio’s Intersections. Allison’s the first guest.

Reinvention on CBC Radio’s Definitely Not The Opera Jan 2013. Allison’s the first guest.

What happens when your dream job stops being your passion? Allison talks about making a big change and Reinventing Awesome on Success Freaks.

Too many projects on the list? So busy it seems like the important things always come last? Allison talks about how to Cross the Finish Line on Success Freaks.

How to figure out your passion, monetize it and make an impact, while staying true to your core beliefs. Allison speaks about Branding Your Passion on Success Freaks (formerly The Other Side of LIVE!).

An interview with Allison by Theatrefolk publishers. Hear about what it took to win a year-long writing competition against 337 other writers around the world!


Comic Monologue: The Flight Attendant - 8MB
Listen: Eulogy for my Granna.mp3 - 14MB
Listen: Snake (short story) - 4MB